List of Golf Days at Worcester Golf Club: 2019

February 2019

01-Feb Montana Golf Day
02-Feb Combined Stableford
06-Feb The Hussar Grill Sundowner

09-Feb Monthly Medal
13-Feb Q-Spar Sundowner

14-Feb Valentine’s Mixed Pairs
15-Feb WPS Golf Day
16-Feb Boland Closed
20-Feb The Hussar Grill Sundowner

21-Feb Boland Ladies League
22-Feb ASD Golf Day
23-Feb 4BBB Stableford
27-Feb GVC Sundowner

March 2019

01-Mar Rotary Golf Day
02-Mar Individual Stableford
03-Mar Boland vs WP
06-Mar The Hussar Grill Sundowner

08-Mar Par 3 Sundowner
09-Mar Club Championship
13-Mar Q-Spar Sundowner

15-Mar Round Table Golf Day
16-Mar Windhoek Lager Pairs
20-Mar The Hussar Grill Sundowner

21-Mar Triple 6 – Mystery
22-Mar Par 3 Sundowner
23-Mar Combined Stableford
27-Mar GVC Sundowner

28-Mar Boland Ladies League
29-Mar Par 3 Sundowner
30-Mar Worcester Classic

April 2019

03-Apr The Hussar Grill Sundowner

06-Apr Monthly Medal
10-Apr Q-Spar Sundowner

11-Apr VillaCorp Golf Day
12-Apr Huis Andries Hamman
13-Apr Individual Stableford
15-Apr Boland High School Championship
17-Apr The Hussar Grill Sundowner

18-Apr Boland Ladies League
19-Apr Closed
20-Apr 4BBB Stableford
24-Apr GVC Sundowner

25-Apr Vitis Classic
26-Apr Yacht Club Golf Day
27-Apr Sanlam Cansa

May 2019

01-May Fowlers Grill Sundowner

03-May GG Classic
04-May 4BBB Stableford
08-May Q-Spar Sundowner

10-May Kaleideskoop Golf Day
11-May Individual Stableford
15-May The Hussar Grill Sundowner

17-May HTS Drostdy Golf Day
18-May Combined Stableford
22-May GVC Sundowner

24-May Worcester Gim Golf Day
29-May Club Competition
31-May Par 3 Sundowner