Hole 6

Hole 6

Hole #6
Par 4 Yellow 320 Meters White 305 Meters Red 240 Meters Stroke 9

Hole 6

Playing 320 m off the back tee, the line of play and hazards on this par 4 are not clearly visible, but the player who decides to lay up is guided by a black-and-white pole in the fairway about 180 m away. The fairway slopes from left to right and is flanked by Karoo bush right and water left right up to the green. A creek bisecting the fairway forces all but the very long hitters to lay up. The green has water on the left and behind it with a bunker front right.

Tee Box Meters

Yellow: Champ - 320 White: Club - 305 Red: Ladies - 240

Long Fairway


Water Hazards

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