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Greetings from your Club Captain

The first month of 2019 has drawn to a close and I’d like to welcome back all our members after what I believe was a well-deserved break for everyone.

Ladies Report

We would like to congratulate the ladies for a wonderful day that they hosted on Thursday, 31 January 2019. Please see the response of the Boland Ladies President after the day:

Congratulations to you and the team Mari!
What an outstanding day we had with you. All went smoothly from the time we arrived! An excellent bread table with lots of wonderful extras (amazing bread)
Your course is in great condition – be proud. The wet holes were great, the tables magnificent with all that beautiful fruit, the food excellent as usual.
Thank you to your sponsors and your committee for your hard work!
AND thank you for our fabulous prize!!

Warmest regards
Carol Sandmann
Boland Senior Women’s Golf

Course Report

Greens - We have been struggling the past months with our greens as there has formed some thatch underneath the greens and it did not allow the water to sift through and get to the roots. For this reason, we have applied Maredo Coring to our greens in order to aerate the greens, but simultaneously it also removes the thatch from the greens.

Fairways - Since the club has implemented the “NO PLACING” rule, we have been giving more attention to bad patches on the fairways, as well as fertilizing these areas in order to get them playable again.

Bunkers – All the bases of the bunkers on the course are being de-compacted every two weeks, whilst we have tried to keep the face of the bunkers firm and hard.

Dam – Last week we have started removing the Kariba weeds manually from the dam on the course. We trust to have the problem under control within the next couple of weeks.

Recovery of unrepaired pitchmarks take up to 2 weeks to recover, due to the roots getting burnt by the extreme heat in Worcester. The same goes for unrepaired divots.


Inskrywingslyste vir volgende jaar se enkel- en pareuitkloppe is in die klubhuis aangebring. Let asseblief daarop dat slegs volspelende lede daaraan mag deelneem.

Om die geheue ietwat te verfris. Vanjaar se enkelspelkampioen is Albert Crafford en die parewenners Louis Vlok en Francois Hugo.  

Triumph for Dandré

Young Dandré Spies became the first local member for several years to win our club’s Open. He carded a first round 73 before a howling north west wind that made it impossible for balls to stay on the greens brought an end to play in the A Division.

However, the B Division, played as a singles Stableford, continued and resulted in Stiaan Mong winning for the second year running. Mong posted a total score of 68 points, ousting Gerhard de Bruijn by 2 points.

Congratulations to both our winners!

Kaptein teen Onderkaptein

Hierdie slag was dit só naby, maar weer eens het die onderkaptein met die louere weggestap in hierdie baie gewilde botsing tussen die klub se twee topbestuurslede. ‘n Spantelling van 9,5-8,5 ten gunste van Kobus Hanekom se span oor dié van Heinrich Bosman het meegebring dat die klubkaptein maar tot volgende jaar op daardie ontwykende eerste oorwinning sal moet wag!

His first ace

For one of our members the previous year ended on a high note when he made his first hole-in-one. Carlo Janse van Rensburg achieved the perfect fluke on 27 December at the 14th hole, hitting a 7-iron from 153 metres.

Grondbeurs/Jawitz Grand Prix Order of Merit



Our current top five:

1. Eddie Nortier Jnr - 271
2. Philip Avenant - 262
3. Stefan le Roux - 262
4. Pieter Campher - 259
5. Gerhard de Bruijn - 252

Piet’s rules corner

The new year came with a number of significant rules changes, some of which I discussed in previous newsletters. On top of this the Committee has introduced some changes to our local rules as well, most importantly the revoking of placing in the fairway and Karoo bush.

This follows after a recent appeal by the HNA to South African golf clubs to allow placing only in extreme circumstances, such as when there had been a lot of rain and balls get covered in mud. In many other countries, scores made when placing on fairways is in use are not allowed for handicapping purposes. In South Africa, these scores are permitted, so there is a tendency for golfers to expect that every lie on the fairway should be perfect and therefore request the clubs to allow placing.

Yet you only have to watch golf on TV to see professional golfers having to play out of divots or other imperfections on the fairway. We need to change our expectations and accept that sometimes you will land in a divot or a bare patch. Obviously if there are very poor areas then the green keeper can mark these as GUR.

Placing not only gives golfers a better score, but it also slows down play.

According to the Rules of Golf’s Rule 1.1 golf is played by striking your ball with a club, and each hole starts from the teeing area and ends when your ball is holed on the putting green.

You should normally play the course as you find it and play your ball as it lies.

The Committee has also done away with placing in the Karoo bush. Henceforth a player will obtain relief – under penalty of one stroke – by dropping the ball as per the rules.

All questions and queries may be directed to me at smittaa@telkomsa.net

On a lighter note

My boss phoned me today and said: “Is everything okay at the office?”
I replied: “Oh yes. It’s been a very busy day. I haven’t stopped.”
“Can you do me a favour,” he
“Of course, what is it?”
Came the reply:
“Speed it up a little. I’m in the four ball behind you!”

Who said what?

The Greats …

“A match against Bobby Jones is just as though you got your hand caught in a buzz saw. He coasts along serenely waiting for you to miss a shot, and the moment you do, he has you on the hook and you never get off.”
- Francis Ouimet

Test your knowledge

1. Who was Karsten Solheim?
2. Where was world number 1 Justin Rose born?

Club results (18-hole competitions)

Saturday, 26 January: Windhoek Lager Pairs – BB Stableford
1. P. Dippenaar and P. Nel 45 (count-out)
2. L. Vlok and F. Hugo 45 (count-out)
3. N. van Niekerk and J. de Villiers 45

Saturday, 19 January: Captain vs. Vice-captain - BB Stableford

1. Q. van der Westhuizen and T. Verwey 46
2. P. Avenant and G. Lourens 45
3. S. le Roux and E. Nortier jr. 44
Vice-captain 9,5-Captain 8,5

Saturday, 12 January: Worcester Open

A Division (shortened to 18 holes stroke play)

1. D. Spies 73
2. K. Thomas 74 (count-out)
3. H. O’Kennedy 74

Net A. Keffers 71

B Division (36 holes Individual Stableford)

1. S. Mong 68
2. G. de Bruijn 66
3. E. Nortier jr. 62

Saturday, 5 January: Combined Stableford

1. D. Francke and D. Kirchner 72
2. R. van Schoor jr. and E. Grimbeeck 69 (count-out)
3. B. Burger and E. Ueckermann 69     

Tuesday, 1 January: Individual Stableford

1. S. Mong 45
 2. A. Rossouw jr. 43
3. De W. Boshoff 40 (count-o  ut)

Forthcoming events

2 February: Combined Stableford
6 February: The Hussar Grill Sundowner
9 February: Monthly Medal
13 February: Q-Spar Sundowner
14 February: Valentine’s Day Mixed Pairs
15 February: Worcester Primary School Golf Day
16 February: Boland Closed
20 February: The Hussar Grill Sundowner
21 February: Boland Women’s League
22 February: ASD Golf Day
23 February: 4 BBB Stableford
27 February: GVC Sundowner


Worcester Golf Club
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