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Greetings from your Club Captain

Traditionally, February is one of the hottest months of the year in Worcester with very high temperatures. Therefore, I advise every player to take as much liquid refreshments on board as possible before starting his/her round. Only last Friday I was forced to throw in the towel as a result of severe dehydration.

Heinrich Bosman

A Message from Management

I want to thank all our members for their support and consideration with all the rules changes as from 1 January 2019. We have had to make a number of tough decisions, however all changes made are for the best and also to conform with the R&A Rules of Golf. There has been a number of concerns about the “No Placing” rule, and we understand your concerns. However, for those that may not have gotten the notice from Dale Hayes this past week:

The R&A, who organize the Open, have bought in a rule for January 2020 that rounds played at golf clubs with placing or preferred lies, as they call it, will no longer be allowed for handicapping purposes.
South Africans take note!

Please take note of this and “Play the course as you find it and the ball as it lies!”

New sponsor for Classic

A great thank you to Green Frost Refrigeration for their willingness to step forward as the sponsor for this year’s Classic. Of course, the company is no stranger to our club, since it sponsored some of our so-called “Meat” competitions in the past.

The Green Frost Classic is scheduled for Saturday, 30 March, and you are urged to enter as soon as possible to prevent disappointment.


Die jaarlikse klubkampioenskappe word Saterdag 9 Maart gespeel. Om die geheue ietwat te verfris, Cedric Rooi was verlede jaar die A-afdelingwenner, Shaun Swanevelder bobaas in die B-afdeling, en Henry Voigt eerste in Afdeling C.

Boland Closed

Several of the Boland’s best players turned up for last Saturday’s Boland Closed and in the end the event resulted in a three-way tussle involving Keegan Thomas (Pearl Valley), Ethan Smith (Paarl) and LB Boshoff (Theewaters Kloof).

After a brilliant first round 66, Thomas slightly took the foot off the accelerator, but his second round 69 still was sufficient to keep both Smith (68, 69) and Boshoff (73, 67) at bay. Three of our club’s members were in action, namely Cedric Rooi, Stefan le Roux and Eddie Nortier jr.

The Mid-Amateur Division was won by Robbie Oosthuizen on 141, while Paul Baaitjies and Jorrie Jordaan were joint winners in the Senior Division on 148.


We would like to request that our members please make EFT payments to the club when wanting to “Top Up” once off with a substantial amount. Proof of Payment can be sent to manager@worcestergolfclub.co.za with your last name and member number as reference.

Leagues to start

Both the Kruger and Brodie League get under way in March and we wish our boys the best of luck.

The Kruger side will be taking part in the Central Division with its first match at home against Paarl 1 next Saturday. The other teams in this section are Stellenbosch 2, Devonvale, Malmesbury, Riverside and Wellington. The Brodie team, whose first outing will be against Stellenbosch 1 at home next Saturday, is also grouped with LCE (Langebaan), Malmesbury 2, Paarl 1, Wellington 1 and Devonvale.

In the Nelson League our club managed a first-match 2,5-2,5 draw against Wellington at Langebaan. The 2019 team shows two new faces in Andrie Everson and Rudi Crocker.

Grondbeurs/Jawitz Grand Prix Order of Merit


1. Stefan le Roux – 408
2. Eddie Nortier Jnr – 340
3. Pieter Campher – 334
4. Gerhard de Bruijn – 327
5. Philip Avenant – 301

Piet’s rules corner

This month’s subject centres on the exact meaning of “nearest point of complete relief”..

The reference point for taking free relief from an abnormal course condition (Rule 16.1), dangerous animal condition (Rule 16.2), wrong green (Rule 13.1f) or no play zone (Rules 16.1f and 17.1e), or in taking relief under certain Local Rules.

It is the estimated point where the ball would lie that is:

• Nearest to the ball’s original spot, but not nearer the hole than that spot,
• In the required area of the course, and
• Where the condition does not interfere with the stroke the player would have made from the original spot if the condition was not there

Estimating this reference point requires the player to identify the choice of club, stance, swing and line of play he or she would have used for that stroke.

The player does not need to simulate that stroke by taking an actual stance and swinging with the chosen club (but it is recommended that the player normally do this to help in making an accurate estimate).

The nearest point of complete relief relates solely to the particular condition from which relief is being taken and may be in a location where there is interference by something else:

• If the player takes relief and then has interference by another condition from which relief is allowed, the player may take relief again by determining a new nearest point of complete relief from the new condition.
• Relief must be taken separately for each condition, except that the player may take relief from both conditions at the same time (based on determining the nearest point of complete relief from both) when, having already taken relief separately from each condition, it becomes reasonable to conclude that continuing to do so will result in continued interference by one or the other.

All questions and queries may be directed to me at smittaa@telkomsa.net

On a lighter note

Q: How many golfers does it take to change a light bulb?

Who said what?

Equipment …

“A professional will tell you the amount of flex you need in the shaft of your club. the more flex, the more strength you will need to break the club over your knee.”
- Stephen Baker

Test your knowledge

Answers to previous questions:

1. A Norwegian-born American golf club designer and businessman. He founded Karsten Manufacturing, a leading golf club maker better known by its brand name of PING, and the Solheim Cup, the premier international team competition in women's golf.
2. Johannesburg, SA.

This month’s questions

1. How much money will this year’s winner of the Nedbank Challenge take home?
2. How many times has Bernard Langer thus far won on the Champions Tour?

Club results (18-hole competitions)

Friday, 15 February: Worcester Primary Alliance
1. K. Hanekom, R. de Villiers, R. Lötter, S. Mong 102
2. C. van der Westhuizen, L. de Wet, J. du Plessis, A. Jacobs 101 (count-out)
3. K. Smit, L. Smit, F. Louw, G. Strydom 101

Saturday, 9 February: Monthly Medal
1. G Lourens 69 count-out)
2. G. de Bruijn 69
3. P. Avenant 70

Saturday, 2 February: Combined Stableford
1. R. Lötter and D. Francke 75 2.
S. le Roux and J. Naudé 73
3. P. Campher and R. Neethling 69

Friday, 1 February: Montana High School Scramble
1. C. Vlok, D. Mitchell. D. Jacobs, G. Harvie 52,17 net
2. P. Campher, R. Neethling, S. Mong, S. Orton 53,677
3. C. Rooi, H. Lindeque, K. Oosthuizen, A. Lindeque 54 (count-out)

Forthcoming events

1 March: Rotary Golf Day
2 March: Individual Stableford, Kruger and Brodie
3 March: Boland vs WP 6 March: The Hussar Grill Sundowner
8 March: Par 3 Sundowner
9 March: Club Championships
13 March: Q-Spar Sundowner
15 March: Round Table Golf Day
16 March: Windhoek Lager Pairs
20 March: The Hussar Grill Sundowner
21 March: Triple Six – Mystery


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